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What is a Garden Home?

If you’re shopping for new homes in Texas, you’re probably learning a lot of new real estate terms, doing research online, visiting communities throughout the region, talking with realtors, and reading property descriptions galore. This is especially true if you are a fist-time home buyer and discovering that while the process can be exciting, it’s often confusing. What you may also have noticed is that there are a lot of different kinds of homes, and it can be hard to figure out which kind is best for you.

From townhomes and duplexes to single-family homes of all types, the number of different kinds of homes on the market can be a bit bewildering at first. Do you want a one-story home or two? Are you looking for a single-family home or a condo? For example, one term you may have encountered in your search for a new home is “garden home.” This isn’t actually an unusual term in Texas. In fact, it’s fairly common throughout the state. But you may not know what a garden home is or how it differs from a patio home, cottage, or courtyard home. Just what is a garden home?

What is a Garden Home?

The answer is actually pretty simple, and it’s just what the name would suggest. A garden home is a home with an abundance of green space that’s included as part of the property. Each garden home has a large private yard in front of and behind the house, so you’ll have plenty of room to design and grow ornate gardens, plant trees and shrubs, and landscape to your heart’s content—hence the name. Of course, those big front and back yards aren’t just for gardening. They’re a perfect place for the kids to play, the ideal spot for a cookout, a great area to sit in and watch the world go by, or a place to play fetch with Rover.

When you get right down to it, if you love spending time in the back yard with family and friends, putting out lawn chairs, blowing up an inflatable swimming pool for the kids, firing up the grill, or getting in a game of touch football with the neighbors, a garden home is probably just what you’re looking for. Garden homes for sale in Texas come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re for families of all shapes and sizes. Some are two-story homes, while others are only a single story. What they all have in common are big yards and abundant green space that’s perfect for making fun family memories that last a lifetime!

Garden Homes for Sale in Texas

Here at Risland Homes, we build garden homes at the communities we’ve partnered with that range from three to four bedrooms, with square footage from 1,800 to 2,600 square feet. They’re often built on 45-foot home sites and frequently feature two-car garages as well as live-in amenities such as family rooms, game rooms, covered or uncovered patios, and walk-in closets, to name just a few.

What helps to set our garden homes apart is the dedication we put into each and every home, from the inside to the back yard and beyond. Each home is unique, and you’ll find the perfect home for your family and your future life—one that’s filled with backyard barbecues, birthday parties, beautiful landscapes, and evenings spent lying in the grass, looking up at the stars. A garden home is more than just a house. It’s an experience that you and your family can share, today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Whether you’re just learning about garden homes today or if you’ve specifically been searching for garden homes for sale in Texas, come see the beautiful garden homes we’ve been building at Mantua in Van Alstyne, Texas. Because Texas enjoys such great weather and an abundant, breathtaking natural landscape, you can find attractive garden home communities all over the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We think none are as inviting and welcoming as the high-quality, energy-efficient homes that Risland has been building at the Mantua master-planned community in Van Alstyne.

Each and every home that we build is designed to appeal to you and your family’s needs, with brand-new Samsung appliances and the kinds of finishes and features that have made Risland a household name throughout north Texas. We’re proud to be partnering with Mantua, whose plans for a range of unbeatable amenities will result in the best of small-town living—with all the conveniences, opportunities, and advantages of the city. From a resort-style pool and splash pad to miles of hike and bike trails to the Veranda Community Center, Mantua will have it all, and there’s surely something there for everyone.

If we’ve convinced you that a garden home is just what you’re looking for—or if you’d just like to learn more—head on over to our Contact Us page. We can set you up for a tour of the garden homes we’ve been building in Mantua, answer any questions you might have, or just help you discover an incredible future in a home that you and your family have only dreamed of here in north Texas!