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What Are Inventory Homes?

If you’ve made the decision to purchase a newly built home or an inventory home, congratulations! You’re on your way to becoming a homeowner—maybe for the first time! This is surely one of the most exciting periods in your life. Few things are as fun and rewarding as signing the contract and picking up the door keys for a new home. Whether it’s your first home or your fifth, the experience is never diminished! Keep reading to learn what are inventory homes and what the advantages are. 

As a home shopper, you’re probably already aware that you have several options when it comes to buying a home. You can always buy a home from a current homeowner, either via a realtor or directly from the seller. If you decide to purchase a brand-new home, you have the option of either working with the builder to design the home of your dreams or selecting one of the builder’s move in ready homes for sale. These are called inventory homes, and they’re what we’re here to discuss today.

What are inventory homes?

You’ll sometimes hear them called new-construction homes or move-in-ready homes, but whatever they’re called, inventory homes are new homes that have already been built or are currently under construction. These bring with them several benefits that we’ll get to in a moment, but the most immediate is that you can close on an inventory home much more quickly than if you’re working with a builder to build a new home from the ground up. 

Are there advantages to buying inventory homes?

There are a lot of advantages when it comes to buying an inventory home. As we mentioned, these are move in ready homes for sale, meaning that you can close and be living in your new home in no time. Sometimes the houses aren’t quite ready yet but are in the final stages of construction, so you’ll be able to make selections from a variety of finishing options. In other cases, home buyers can move in right away. In any event, the turnaround from selecting the home you want to collecting the keys will be considerably faster than if you were working with a builder to construct a new home.

This can be a huge benefit to anyone who can’t wait to get into that home of their own and who doesn’t want to take the time to choose a lot, decide on a floor plan, and work through all the details with the builder they’ve selected. Don’t get us wrong. There’s something truly wonderful about working with a reputable builder to design the home of your dreams from the ground up, but for many of us, we’d rather see the completed (or nearly completed) house, close on the deal, pick up the keys, and start making memories right away! After all, it can take six to nine months for a new home to be built, and that’s a long time to wait.

Is there a quality difference to an inventory home?

No. Inventory homes are built with all the same standards of quality as a custom home from the same builder. They are just as new as any other home on the market, and they include the latest appliances and fixtures that you would expect. They come with all the same warranties and guarantees as any other new home on the market, too. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to walk through the actual home you’ll be living in, even if it’s not quite finished, and see (more or less) what it will look like when you move in.

Can I personalize my inventory home?

Every situation is unique, but the answer here is typically yes. While inventory homes are either finished or nearly finished, they often don’t have the very final touches put on them yet, so you can personalize your new home with finishes like hardware, paint colors, fixtures, and more. While you won’t have the (sometimes bewildering) array of choices you’re presented with when building a home from the ground up, you’ll usually have enough to put your own personal stamp on your new home.

How soon can I move into an inventory home?

As we already mentioned, one of the advantages of buying an inventory home is that you may be able to move in right away. In fact, you can potentially close on a new-construction home in as few as 14 days, which means that you can probably move in as quickly as you could to just about any other home on the market. You might even have your house keys before you’ve begun to pack your stuff and hire the moving service. Even if your home isn’t quite finished when you pick it out, it should be in the final stages, so it should be finished by the time paperwork is completed.

Hopefully, we’ve answered all your questions about what are inventory homes and move in ready homes for sale. Whether you’re shopping for an inventory home or looking to work with a builder to construct the home of your dreams, head on over to our Contact Us page to learn more about what you can expect from your future home here in Texas, and discover everything that Risland Homes has to offer!