Portfolio Spotlight: Legacy Gardens


The neighborhood, immediate and extended, is always a primary concern when searching for a home. The home itself, the actual structure, is just as important, but searching for a dream home in a barren community is largely a fruitless enterprise. Cohesion must exist between home and neighborhood. In an ideal environment, the flow runs both ways. The neighborhood feels like an extension of your home, a familiar place where you feel comfortable and relaxed, and vice versa. Legacy Gardens, the new construction homes in Prosper, TX by Risland Homes, have pulled out all the stops and achieved this rare cohesion.

The Risland Homes team is composed of local and global experts with world class quality, not just home builders in DFW. Yes, the homes in Legacy Gardens are stunning and finely crafted—and cover a vast array of styles—but their appeal extends far beyond their doors. Residents will enjoy exclusive access to an assortment of high-end amenities, including a beautiful infinity-edge pool, a fitness studio, and several workspaces, as well as indoor and outdoor play areas for kids. The yoga lawn is a fine destination for practicing sun salutations beneath the actual sun, and meticulously landscaped trails provide great walks around a sparkling pond. You can take your kids somewhere to run around and play while you weight lift or soak in the pool. There is a refined mix of active options and relaxing options, all there, right outside your door.

Risland US is the parent company of Risland Homes and is responsible for not only Legacy Gardens but also the 68-story Queens stunner, Skyline Tower, currently rising in Long Island City. When completed, the gleaming skyscraper will be the tallest building in the NYC borough. Risland puts the same dedication into the construction of their homes and buildings as they do everything that surrounds them—and whether it’s New York City or Texas, it shows in the final product.

Contact us at Risland Homes for more information about the beautiful homes and community at Legacy Gardens in Prosper, Texas.

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